Less is More. Done is Better Than Perfect

By Brett Jarman | Help Me Leverage Podcast

Less is More. Done is Better Than Perfect

I hope you’re having a strong start to 2018. Or a gentle start if that’s your preference.
We’re leaning towards a strong start but are doing so with less effort than we might have done in the past. Which we should do anyway. Leverage of course is all about doing more with less. This year though we're actually embodying it and adopting ‘Less is More’ as a theme for the business and how we operate as a team.

We’ve just published a podcast episode where I go into this in more detail but here’s a quick summary of what that means and, perhaps more importantly, what that might mean for you.

Framework Overwhelm

One of the frustrations we were observing with consultants and coaches is that they experience an overload of information (frameworks, systems, tactics, snake oil and other blah blah) about how to ‘do better’ in their business. Many have a lot of difficulty understanding this information and putting it in a context that works for them.

In a nutshell, a lot of people either do the wrong thing at the wrong time to grow their business or they are so paralysed by options that they just ‘do busy’ to give themselves the illusion they are being businesslike.

To that end, we’re introducing a new framework. Before you throw your hands up in despair though, this is a framework that shows you how do to LESS in your business in order for you to get MORE from it.

The framework is called the Authority Accelerator and, in essence it helps you to recognise what stage your business is in and how to filter out all the stuff that’s not relevant to you. Doesn’t that feel better already?

Our focus for this year then, will be on providing training related to the different stages of a B2B consulting or coaching business. Sometimes we’ll provide the training ourselves but if we’re out of our depth on a particular area we’ll bring in someone smarter than us to make sure you learn what you need to know (and no more :-).

We’ve also renamed my podcast after the model and, in the next week or two, we’ll be releasing a free training program that explains the Authority Accelerator in more detail. Keep an eye on your inbox for that because I promise it will be an eye opener.

ReCreation Days

Still on the theme of Less is More, we had planned on phasing this in over the year but I decided over the holidays to jump in and give it a red hot go right from the start. As of last week, all full-time members of our team only work at the coal-face four days a week. We've reserved Monday as a ReCreation day and Tuesday through Friday are our work days.

The rationale for this is that ‘thought work’ is energy intensive and pretty draining. The 40-hour work week was developed for factory workers and is in no way optimal for creative and strategic thinking. In other words we’re certain we can get more done, and to a higher standard, in four days than we can in five.

Mondays are still paid days and team members (including me) choose what they do to refresh and uplift themselves. The only proviso is that it can’t be spent on the computer as that will defeat the purpose.

So if we don’t return your calls or don’t reply to your emails on Monday, that will be why. It will be worth the wait though as we’re certain the standard of service will improve.

Done is Better Than Perfect

On top of the team theme, I’ve also adopted a personal theme for the year - Done is Better Than Perfect. Because I’ve always valued ‘competence’ highly I’ve often dilly dallied and fussed around with things too much on the premise of having to ‘get it right’ before it gets released.

I’ve read enough now and seen enough examples of high achievers to understand that ‘get it right’ is really just a euphemism for ‘put it off’ so I've resolved that 2018 is my year of taking more risks. I go into this in more depth on the podcast so if you think you might suffer from the same procrastination technique you might like to listen in and consider adopting the theme for yourself.

Enough said! Have a great year 🙂