Coschedule Content Marketing Review

By Brett Jarman | Content Marketing

Coschedule Content Marketing Review

If content marketing is part of your business strategy then here’s a tool you’ll definitely want to consider adding to your tool kit.

We’ve recently stepped up our content marketing for ourselves and our clients, so have begun using Coschedule Content Marketing Calendar. What the name doesn’t tell you is that it’s more than just an editorial calendar, it’s actually a pretty well decked out social media scheduling tool as well.

If you watch the video below, you’ll get a sense of what it can do and why it might be handy for your business. And further down the page, you’ll find an overview video put together by the folks at Coschedule.

While it’s great for outbound posting, it’s not necessarily a full replacement for a tool like Hootsuite which we still use sometimes to view inbound social posts. It is way prettier though and, for me anyway, much more intuitive to use than Hootsuite.

CoSchedule Calendar

Features we like most include:

  • WordPress integration. Coschedule can manage your planning right from the beginning, through to drafting, review, approval, publishing then promoting your posts, all from within WordPress itself. It’s great to have the tool handy right where the work gets done.

  • Requeue facility. For select posts, you can set Coschedule up to automatically fill gaps in your social media schedule with posts that you’ve already used. Meet Edgar is a tool that does this also, but Coschedule does that and a whole lot more

  • Team functionality. For the moment we can easily use Coschedule using a single login but we do foresee a time when team functionality will be useful. Here’s a glimpse of what that would look like on the back end. The functionality can even dovetail nicely with the design team who would be creating images and infographics to go with the post, etc.

CoSchedule Dashboard
  • Analytics. Coschedule comes with a nice dashboard that gives you an easy overview of which posts are getting the most traction on social media. A great way to see which posts are your high performers and which posts might need a bit more promotion to get them going.

  • Chrome Extension. As well as producing your own content, you should be curating content from other sources. The Chrome Extension makes that dead easy to do, allowing you to post to all your social channels without even leaving the browser page that you are on.

  • Referral Program. Coschedule don’t have an affiliate program as such but they do have a generous referral program. If you create a review post (just like this one) they’ll reduce your subscription rate by a very generous 50%, plus they knock 10% off your subscription for any new business that comes in via the referral link assigned to your account. Given that the price point of Coschedule might be out of reach for some, this is a pretty simple way to make it affordable (or even free as far as I can tell) for anyone willing to make the effort.

Is Coschedule for everyone? Well, we took it for a test drive a few times but didn’t really have enough momentum to justify the cost or the learning curve to really put it to work. Now that we are serious though, we can’t imagine moving forward without it. We haven’t measured the ROI yet but know for sure it’s a major timesaver and is making us way more effective in our work.

Not all of the features above are in the basic plans but it’s definitely worth taking the time to give it a free 14 day test drive (and if you don’t put it through the paces in that time, they are very generous in giving you an extension of the trial if you need it).