Confident Closing – An Interview with Chandell Labbozzetta

By Brett Jarman | Help Me Leverage Podcast

Confident Closing - An Interview with Chandell Labbozzetta

In this episode I talk to Chandell Labbozzetta - NLP Practitioner, trainer, speaker, author and owner of Life Puzzle. We discuss the human mind, psychology and how we think and act, particularly in the context of business and sales.

Chandell battled her own mental health demons to become an accomplished salesperson, a leader of sales teams, and now a trainer, showing others how to adopt advanced communication and sales skills. 

She is the author of Confident Closing - Sales Secrets That Grew A Business by 400% in Six Months and How They Can Work For You!  

I read the book recently and was uplifted by the stories Chandell shared of how different personality types adapted once they knew more about what makes us tick. A read I highly recommend.

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Episode Highlights: 

  • Chandell’s book ‘Confident Closing - Sales Secrets That Grew A Business by 400% in Six Months and How They Can Work For You!’ 

  • Sales is more about human nature than anything

  • What is the ‘itty-bitty shitty committee’ 

  • Business is 80% psychology and 20% strategy

  • Sales is the art of influence 

  • How to have a passion driven business 

  • The negative connotations of sales

  • Why there is so much angst around selling and sales

  • Money is just a certificate of appreciation

  • The psychology of selling and what NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is

  • The importance of intention with NLP

  • The fear of objections when selling

  • How to practise NLP

  • How to know if you’re a confident closer

  • What confidence means to you 

  • The most underleveraged point in your business

  • How Chandell teaches the NLP processes 

  • It’s not about the information, it’s about the implementation

  • One of Chandell’s success stories, going from a 50% closing ratio to a 100% closing ratio

  • Perception is rejection 

  • Challenging your own assumptions

  • The Life Puzzle Philosophy

  • The importance of reflecting on your own behaviour

  • Chandell’s biggest achievement in business

  • Intergenerational mental health

  • Feeding salt to horses - an analogy for sales

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