Establishing authority in your field will require that you do some ‘authory’ stuff (1)

We help smart people thrive.

We show B2B consultants and coaches how to leverage their expertise and increase their reputation so they can build a business that can keep earning without them. 

Why do we do that?
Because we like to make things easy and we don’t like to see people struggle. Thriving has a viral effect and is the best way to democratise wealth and support personal achievement.

How do we do it?

We show what’s possible. We show clients how to remove roadblocks in their business and create roadmaps that take them where they want to go.

We teach innovative models and systems that allow our clients to play to their strengths, to build processes that support them to do their best and to be recognised as leaders in their field.

Authority Marketing

As a high value expert you know that to get ahead in your field and grow your income, you need to be seen and heard in all the right places. But that takes time that you could probably be spending on high return activities. Not any more.

We can help you leverage your time and your expertise so you can raise your profile, elevate your reputation and increase your income with minimal input on your part. 

Our Message to Market Authority Marketing programs are designed to:

  • Find out what matters to your audience
  • Capture your expertise efficiently using audio and/or video
  • Create powerful content to increase inbound leads to your business
  • Promote your content across a range of media so you can be seen regularly in all the right places (podcasts, video, blogs, Slideshare, social media, etc)
  • Grow your mailing list to put you in control of your lead flow
  • Maintain regular contact with your list to eliminate the boom and bust cycle from your cash flow.

And if you’ve been thinking of writing a book ‘one day’ we can even help you with that too. We are currently accepting limited applications for our Message to Market programs.

Who Are We?

Under the auspices of our founder, Brett Jarman, we’ve been consulting and strategising with business owners since 1999, as well as providing copywriting and automation services to businesses of all sizes throughout the world.

Help Me Leverage combines our ‘messaging’ talents with our leading edge use of technology to deliver programs especially designed for experts who have already proven their value in the marketplace.

Wealth Equals Value Times Leverage

We also produce the Experts on Air podcast network, providing full service podcast production and promotions services for clients.