3 Guiding Principles for Authority Marketing

By Brett Jarman | Authority Marketing

3 Guiding Principles for Authority Marketing

If you are selling expertise in one form or another then content marketing is an essential part of your marketing mix these days. To stand out in your field you need to have an online presence where you share your expertise and demonstrate your talents. We refer to it as 'authority marketing' as it's specifically done to raise your profile as an authority in your market.

The degree to which you do this is up to you but obviously the more you do it, the better the results are likely to be. If you are time poor though or, have other priorities, it may be difficult to put in a mammoth effort. I cover more on this in this post about maintaining a minimum viable presence (MVP). We’ve also put together an Authority Marketing Minimum Viable Presence (MVP) Cheat Sheet that you can download here.

Putting the process of content marketing aside for now though, here are 3 guiding principles that are good to keep front of mind. We could very easily put together a list of 20 guiding principles (and perhaps one day we will) but you’re a busy person so let’s keep it simple for now. Or you can listen to the podcast version here

Principle #1 - Be Useful

A lot of content that we come across isn’t that useful. Sometimes it even seems like white noise. It craves attention but doesn’t really deliver much value.


Keep in mind that the function of your content marketing is to highlight your expertise, to show how useful you are to your ideal client. Produce content that solves your ideal customers’ problems or makes them better off for reading it.

Even though they may not be paying money for your content, they are investing their time so you want to make sure they get a good return on that investment.

Takeaway - People gravitate to that which is most useful to them so you want to be that content provider.

To stand out in your field you need to have an online presence where you share your expertise & demonstrate your talents. #authoritymarketing #contentmarketing

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Principle # 2 - Be Generous

Don’t hold back on sharing your expertise. This is one of the biggest fears my clients face - ‘If I give too much away then they won’t need to hire me.’

If that were true then content marketing would have died off long ago. But it hasn’t. People who have engaged fully with content marketing have prospered beyond their expectations.

There are two main reasons for this:

Your knowledge may be transferable but your experience is not. Most people have better things to do than try to master a new skill. It’s one thing to read about or even to study a field of expertise but to implement is another.

Takeaway - Knowledge is free nowadays and people pay for experience. Share generously so they know that it’s your experience that they want to be a part of.

The more info you give HML

Principle #3 - Engage With Others

Remember that social media networks weren’t developed for business. Even LinkedIn was originally developed for career development and recruitment rather than a platform for businesses to market to others.

That being the case, the best results are to be had by starting and engaging in conversations rather than self-promoting all the time. Curate other people’s content and add your commentary to get the discussion flowing. Join groups on the platforms and answer questions that come up from others in the group. And ask questions yourself to allow others the opportunity to shine. Give people an opportunity to get to know you rather than just hear from you.

Takeaway - Social media is called social media for a reason. It’s not a soapbox, it’s a place to engage and build relationships.

Your Authority Marketing Action Item

We’ve put together a simple cheat sheet that helps you create a minimum viable presence through authority marketing. Building on the three principles above, it show you how much content you need to create and how to promote it so you stay on the radar of your market. Enter your details here and we’ll get that to you straight away.

Your Authority Marketing MVP Minimum Viable Presence